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Dear Reader(s) of Prufrock On Hiatus,

I’m not sure I can explain what possessed me to give this blog such a wanky title, but even so, the time has come to bid adieu to it. Much has happened since my last post, so here’s a quick overview.

December 2011

  • Our trip to San Francisco (fabulous), shortly followed by
  • Our trip to New Zealand to catch up with the respective families for Christmas.
  • Our plans for a conjoint Christmas were derailed when my parents landed themselves in a car crash thirty minutes into their journey up to meet us in Christchurch. Fortunately no serious injuries, and some extra frequent flyer miles earnt flying down at the last minute to spend christmas day with them.

The beautiful blue ice of the Fox Glacier, New Zealand

January 2012

  • I enrol in a Master of Public Health, with much trepidation about how I would apply myself to studying after 3 years away from it.
  • We finish up our New Zealand trip after a gorgous South Island Road trip, visiting the glaciers, and seeing kiwi birds in the wild.
  • A short stay in Melbourne catching up with friends, and introducing S to the gentle art of tennis spectating.

Nadal Vs Haas at Rod Laver Arena, Australian Open 2012

February 2012

  • The last birthday of my 20s. So sad

March 2012

  • S goes to Europe on a whim for a conference. Decides to have 2 job interviews whilst he’s there.
  • S gets offered a postdoctoral fellowship in Heidelberg, Germany.
  • Much soulsearching and naval-gazing takes place.
  • We decide to accept the job offer, which means


April 2012

  • I go to NZ for my mother’s and sister’s birthday party. It’s a madly busy trip, spent making about a hundred tissue paper pompoms with which to make the horrendous church hall venue look vaguely festive.

My parents cat lends assistance to the pom-pom making.

May 2012

  • I go to NZ again, this time for my dad’s birthday party. Fortunately the decorations from mum and sisters’ party haven’t been discarded, and dad isn’t too proud to have decorations in the pastel pink/blue/yellow spectrum.
  • In addition to birthday party nonsense, we have to deal with mum being temporarily in a nursing home, having fractured her ankle.

June 2012

  • S’s birthday. He’s been a good boy so he gets chocolate peanut butter cupcakes. OMGZ so good.
  • We head off on a trip to Europe – a week in Barcelona, and almost a week in Heidelberg to check the place out. It seems to be quite a nice place to spend a couple of years.

Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, and half of my thumb.

July 2012

  • We are reminded how much long-haul flights suck a giant cock.
  • Also, jetlag.
  • S’s parents descend on us the day after we get back to Oz, in time for his PhD graduation.
  • I remain royally jetlagged, and generally pissed off with the world, which is not the best combination when trying to impress the future MIL.
  • We sigh in relief as the parents leave shortly thereafter and go back to bed for a few days.
  • I discover I’ve totally aced my first semester of the MPH, getting 4 high distinctions for 4 courses taken. Booyah!
  • I commence the second semester with only 1 course, seeing how the end of the year will be Busy with a Capital B.

And that brings us to August.

Given the new chapter about to start, I’ve decided to end this blog and start a new one (seeing how I’m so good at blogging and all..).

This one will be, hopefully, less angsty, probably just as random, definitely better titled, and lead me to fame and fortune in a way that hard graft never could. Hello, readership in the 10s of 1000s, hello sponsorship, hello guest speaker tours and fancy hotels.

Well, all that’s unlikely, but if you want to continue following the all-knitting, all-cooking, all-procrastinating, cross-cultural glory, please join me at

La Deutsche Vita

I hope to see you there!