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One of the things I felt really deprived of in the last 6 months was being able to catch up with friends. It was very difficult to meet up with people given the frequency of on-call (one in three – urgh), and the lack of motivation to do anything other than sleep or watch mindless television when not on call. On the occasions where I did manage to go out for coffee or dinner, I often felt annoyed at not having anything more interesting than work to talk/bitch about.

The week before I announced my resignation, I did manage to go out with S (the amazing bf), and a couple of his workmates, and see a movie (Thor – hilarious). And we had some tasty burgers before the movie, and talked about non-medical stuff – it was so refreshing! It felt so good to do something normal, and, heaven forbid, FUN.

The last couple of weeks, since becoming a Lady of Leisure, I’ve managed to meet up with several friends I haven’t seen for a long time – a friend from highschool who I’ve recently re-connected with, another friend from medical school who left the hospital a couple of years ago to have babies, and today, a friend from my undergrad degree whom I haven’t seen for a couple of years. All of them said something along the lines of “wow, you look a lot more relaxed,” which is a bit of a revelation, because I didn’t realise it was that obvious to other people that I was struggling.

I may have been a little too relaxed today, however, because I did that thing when you tip the coffee cup too early on the way to your mouth and end up with a lap-ful of coffee. I really have to concentrate on that hand-mouth coordination sometimes…