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Took the weekend off from blogging – because, gosh, just so tired from 3 posts already.

Twas an anticlimax of a weekend. Started off on Friday night with drinks and dinner with S’s colleagues. Unfortunately that led to losing my dinner at about 2am. I’m not sure whether it was the food or a very brief stomach bug, but it certainly wasn’t the alcohol. Waking up on saturday morning I managed to twist my neck the wrong way, and developed a horrible headache. So, all the fun stuff, going to the farmer’s markets, some gardening, generally spending time with S, didn’t end up happening.

Yesterday was a bit better – I managed to procure a “mini-greenhouse” for our herbs and strawberries to live in over winter. And some seed potatoes…

Grow, my pretties...

And today. Monday. Everyone loves ’em. I’ve been waiting for this monday for several weeks, with not-quite-bated breath, because today the first round of offers for surgical training came out.

If you’re unfamiliar with the way medical training happens in Australia, here’s a brief summary:

Graduate med school –> 1 year internship –> 1 year as “resident” –> begin to branch out into specialities, either a further senior resident year, or registrarship. Or, as a lot of people do, take time off, locum, generally float around and try to decide what they like, or perhaps, what they hate least. For surgical training, there is a centralised application/selection process which involves submitting a CV, recruiting referees to write glowing references about you, and then an interview with people you’ve never met, and will probably never work with. Then there are usually about 5 rounds of offers, depending on number of positions, and number of applicants, until all the positions are accepted. I think it’s probably less competitive than in the US, but then again, it’s an entirely different process.

You may guess from the tone of my writing that I missed out on an offer. But it is only the first round and there are still four to go. The waiting is the hardest bit though. It would (almost) be easier to get an outright rejection because then I’d have more time to come up with Plan B.

I went through the application process two years ago as well, and while I didn’t get as worked up about it this time, it’s still disappointing. The thing that let me down both times was my performance in the interview, not what my referees thought of me, so l like to think that it isn’t a reflection on my actual performance as a doctor and surgical registrar.

We’re having friends round for dinner tonight though. I think a nice rum baba for dessert may distract from the morning’s disappointments. And some lovely little pickling onions to go in with the roast lamb. Also, nothing like working yourself up into a nice cleaning frenzy to take the mind off things.