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So clean

Today has been a good day.

Despite what you might think, not all days since leaving work have been “good,” carefree, filled with happiness and relaxation and all that time to smell the roses (although maybe if I planted some I could). Some days have just been spent inside, in bed, browsing the internet or reading, or watching tv. In short, not productive. I don’t feel too bad about that most of the time because there was a lot of mental repair work going on behind the scenes throughout all that laziness resting, but there were also days when the ol’ emotions were not on as even a keel as I would have liked. This stems, I think, from having to redefine who I am, as much as what I do. For example, I’ve had to make a few phone calls in the last few days regarding some admin stuff to get set up to do both private surgical assisting, and also some ED locumming. On these phone calls I’ve fumbled my introduction a little because I don’t know how to refer to myself – I’m no longer a “surgical registrar” because that was my job, which I quit. And not working at the hospital anymore means I’m not associated with a particular institution – it’s just me, and that feels quite small and vulnerable sometimes.

But back to today.

First off I went to a circuit session at my new gym. I’ve been a member of a larger gym, close to the hospital, for the last 3 years. Of course, I wasn’t going as regularly as I would like, but I tried. About once every 3 months, that is (refer to the photo of my runners – bought at the start of the year, still looking very clean. Too clean). When S and I moved in together 6 months ago, we found a nice little apartment literally just around the corner from a small gym, of which S is a member. I’ve been thinking about transferring membership, but only got around to it yesterday. It’s not big, or flashy, but the people seem friendly, and seems to draw a fair bit of community involvement.

I felt quite good for the first 10 or so minutes, but then the months of inactivity caught up with me and the nausea started to creep in. I made it through to the end of the class without actually vomiting, but only by backing off A LOT and sitting some stations out. So while I didn’t feel all that good in the tummy region, I felt good about getting out of the house and taking a step towards regaining some physical fitness. Living next door, I really have no excuse not to make a habit of it.

Following this, I picked my friend L up from the hospital and dropped her off at the airport on her way to NZ. We managed to squeeze in a spot of lunch as well. Felt very nice to return a favour she’s performed for me on many occasions.

I spent an hour in the public library reading books about strawbale houses, and picked up my mail. I ended up with a letter from the medical admin regarding my accreditation as surgical assistant, and also an email from the locum agency. So, progress on all fronts!

Add to that, it’s only about five o’clock on Friday afternoon. S will be home soon, and the weekend will be underway. I’m thinking a few drinks and some food will be very much in order.

Time to start thinking about what to have for dinner… 🙂