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In retrospect, I can’t remember what I was expecting from my time after leaving work. I think unicorns and rainbows featured pretty heavily. And the reality is that it’s still pretty amazing to wake up in the morning without a automatic sinking feeling. And to live without the palpitations and headaches that accompany HATING your job.

Mind you, there is a gosh-darned awful amount of waiting going on right now. Like waiting for the next round of SET offers. Or waiting to hear back from the locum agencies to say that my paperwork has been received.

Wintery outlook from the balcony

And one of the challenges I’m facing now is thinking up things to do during the day so that when S comes home from his ivory tower and asks what I’ve been up to it’s not just a whole bunch of “and then I had another cup of tea and watched another episode of Hustle…”

Still, as challenges go it’s a lot easier than being called out of bed in the middle of the night to go in to the hospital for the sole purpose of looking at a CT scan, examining a patient to confirm that the badness is as severe as relayed over the telephone, and then telling the family that their loved one is almost certainly injured beyond recovery and will be better off deadibones (I address this with a little more sensitivity. Usually).

So today, having had to arise early due to the expected presence of a bathroom tiler/repairs man (and no, I don’t know where the mains tap is in the apartment block), I’m sipping the obligatory cup of tea (Yorkshire Gold), and exploring some fresh (to me) toons from the likes of Bon Iver, Laura Marling, The Middle East and Boy and Bear. Given that I haven’t been able to shower and otherwise ablute this morning due to the presence of the tradesperson, I’m feeling truly folksy.

Otherwise the agenda is fairly free. There’ll be some more wordpress surfing. I may turn my hand to some knitting. Or maybe an old-school trip to the public library to peruse the cooking section. It doesn’t matter, the beautiful thing is that my time is my own, and there are no foreseeable End-Of-Life discussions to be had.