Image by Smabs Sputzer via Flickr

Followers of this blog (which appear to number 2 at the moment, thanks Emergency Admissions!) may recall Friday’s angst regarding the long awaited Round 2 of surgical training offers.

Turns out my dream of waiting and waiting for an email that never came turned into reality. And the other kicker is that the only other person I know who didn’t get a first round offer landed himself a nice position in the second round. So turns out the dream I had in the few hours of sleep I got on Thursday night was pretty well spot on.

Maybe I should be investigating a career in the psychic industries. It would be a great excuse to eat lots of yummy cheese in order to stimulate these startlingly accurate dreams, but I could always claim it as a tax deduction.

Having scoured the previous emails from the selection committee, I’m beginning to think that they never had any intention of sending emails to tell me that I had missed out, but it’s never explicitly stated. Personally, I think it the height of cruelty to make someone wait a full day for an email that wasn’t going to come, when they could have sent an form letter out to all the unsuccessful people at 9am, allowing them to wallow in their disappointment in private and get on with the business of the day, which may or may not involve drinking heavily.

To round the disappointment out, S and I were obliged to spend the weekend away with some of his work friends to celebrate the 30th birthday of one of them. Owing to the fact that the 30-year-old has a 1.5 year old son (who likes to wake up early and grizzle a lot), and a rather naughty golden labrador/retriever (who can tell the difference), and the house we were in was huge, poorly insulated and had paper thin walls, there was little sleep (sharing the room with a couple who sleep-talk also contributed), and no warmth. And not much fun either because it rained, and half the crew went off to bed at 9pm. Twas Miserable. Both S and I were relieved to end up back home in our cosy little apartment, on the couch in our jammies eating left overs.

Round 3 is on August 23, but I’ll have to apply for backup jobs before then. I guess I’ll be spending today updating my CV again, and trying to find a silver lining in all of this.