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I’ve been working a fair bit recently, which is my excuse for not posting very often. It’s also my excuse for allowing the mess index of our apartment to creep up, which makes me feel guilty, and then even more guilty about being feeling guilty in the first place, because, g-darn it, I’m a doctor for crying out loud, I should be above the urge to clean compulsively. I can’t blame my mother for it, either, because, without being slovely, her house wasn’t particularly tidy.

Speaking of whom, my parents and sister are due to arrive today to stay for 5 days. This will be their second trip back to the big country since moving the New Zealand almost 3 years ago. They’ll be staying with me and S before driving down to Victoria to visit some extended family. It looked like the trip would be cancelled a couple of weeks ago when my mum developed an acute episode of sciatica, but she seemed to make some improvement with physio, so Dad decided to soldier on. It may mean that their visit is limited to our living room, but it will be so good to spend some time with them, and to give Dad a bit of a break. I’m also looking forward to taking my sister to see the last Harry Potter film – I’ve been using the excuse of taking her to the movies for years in order to see all the really bad movies I didn’t want to own up to seeing by myself. It’s a fairly transparent ploy, but I don’t care.

Unfortunately all this work has also meant my sourdough starter has been languishing in the fridge, and despite my resolve to refresh it regularly, it’s been there for about 3 weeks without feeding. I’m a little nervous to go and inspect in now, in case it’s developed a nasty case of mould. But I take solace from Dom’s beginner’s sourdough blog that says starters are pretty hardy creatures and should be able to be revived with some TLC.

In other domestic news, our potato plants are looking particularly verdant. After agonising over them for about 12 weeks, wondering if the seed spuds were just rotting in the buckets, they started to send forth shoots, and without looking back, they’ve now shot up to the point where I pondered staking them. Now the dilemma is when to start harvesting – luckily Dad will be on hand with all his Southland NZ know-how on potato growing. If we’re really lucky we might even sup on some succulent new potatoes this week. I’m saving my photos of the potato growing process for when we’ve got an end product to skite about (hopefully). So stay tuned…

Having consumed my lazy morning pot of tea in bed whilst writing this the time is slipping away and I still need to exorcise my cleaning demons before my parents arrive. So with that, I wish all my loyal reader (…) a fabulous week.