Four years out of medical school, I’ve stumbled over a rather rocky patch of ennui. My solution has been to quit my job, take 6 months off the medical mouse wheel and consider my options. It’s not going to be wholly contemplative though, aside from Long Walks in the Countryside, and Solitary Sitting in Cafes, gazing at my navel (fluff-free, incidentally), there will be plenty of food and friends and movies and reading and drinking, with little bits of gardening and knitting thrown in. In short, all the things I didn’t have time for in the last 4 years of doctoring. Sleeping in and eating breakfast will also feature heavily.

More general information – Call me M. I’m female, in my late 20s, and live in Australia with my boyfriend S (currently completing a PhD in an obscure scientific field); I don’t have a cat, but would love to; I enjoy cooking, but more in the ebullient, unfussy, Jamie Oliver way, rather than the cheffy, fiddly, Masterchef way; I love to read novels, not so keen on textbooks (something which has been rather a hindrance in my career so far..); and my national allegiance lies somewhere in the middle of the Tasman as my father and my partner both hail from the land of the long white cloud. One day I hope to own a piece of land with a nice strawbale house, with some chooks, goats and lots of vegetables.

So, here’s hoping you don’t completely hate my ramblings!

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